Roof Replacement Glen Iris

Are you living in an of Colonial Georgian style home in the suburbs of Glen Iris? If your home is more than 20 years old and you are plagued with roofing problems, then it is time for a roof replacement Glen Iris project. Melbourne Roof Repairs are roof replacement contractors in Glen Iris. We have more than 30 years of experience with roof replacement projects, and we are here to help you with residential roof replacement and commercial roof replacement Glen Iris.
We offer state-of-the-art roof replacement solutions that have worked successfully for numerous families for the past 30 years. All our services are affordable, so you don’t have to worry about roof replacement costs anymore. Call us for roof replacement estimates.

Our Roof Replacement Glen Iris Expertise

We have been a part of the roofing industry for over 3 decades building networks across the spectrum with suppliers, professionals, employees and customers. We have a strong team who are highly skilled and qualified to conduct high-quality roof replacement projects in Glen Iris. We have had a string of successful best roof replacement Glen Iris projects and we are proud of our loyal customer base in the region.

Our Roof Replacement services include:

Melbourne Roof Repairs are professional Roof Replacement Contractors in Glen Iris. We are qualified, licensed roofers who are adept at roof replacement, roof installation and roof leak repairs. Our team of highly qualified roof replacement contractors Glen Iris know all the secrets to getting a roof replaced efficiently. We are the right people to get that new roof you have been dreaming of for years. So, no more DIY roof replacement experiments for you, we are the roof replacement company near you. We offer a wide variety of roof replacement options, and our professional roofing repertoire includes:

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  • Metal roofing services or metal roof replacement
  • Wooden roofing
  • Standing seam and shingles
  • Clay tile roofing
  • Slate roofing
  • Shingle roof replacement
  • Roof replacement warranty

The Ultimate Checklist: What to do before a roof replacement Glen Iris

Roof replacement is a big investment and an important milestone for your family. To maximize returns and to leverage the advantages of a quality roof replacement, research before a roofing project is integral to getting it done right the first time. Although basic information like the qualifications of the roofing contractor you choose or the kind of roofing materials needed are important, we at Melbourne Roof Repairs believe that a checklist is crucial.

Remove outdoor furniture

Roof replacement will involve a lot of nails, shingles and debris falling to the floor. When professional Roof Replacement companies Glen Iris begin their work, the old roof gets torn off. To protect your furniture lying in your lawn from falling debris, move it away before the work begins. If you have a shed, that would be the ideal place to store your precious belongings.

Clear the driveway

Moving your car to a safe place is one of the first things to do before you begin a roof replacement project at home.

Take care of those flowerbeds

Whether it’s your Daisies or Lilies, protecting your flowerbeds is paramount to keeping it safe during the roof replacement project. We recommend covering your flowerbeds with a tarp to avoid instant damage from falling debris.

Get your windows secured

Professional roof replacement contractors Glen Iris will ideally secure wooden boards over your windows to prevent any kind of damage. Ensure you remove your curtains and secure your windows before this is done.

Have your lawn trimmed

When your roofers tear down the old roof, your lawn will be covered with old nails. It will be easier for them to clean up and remove the old nails if your lawn is trimmed.

Clear walls

Roofers need to use heavy tools like a hammer or a roofing gun during a roof replacement Glen Iris project. It involves some intense physical work and could cause your walls to shake. This is why we suggest clearing your walls before your professional roofer gets on the wall.

Take care of that attic

During roof replacement, you could move all your precious belongings to the attic for safety. But remember that the attic could get dusty, so it is important to cover all the furniture with a tarp.

How to minimize those disruptions to your daily routine during a roof replacement.

Find alternate housing for your pets – Construction noise and the general mayhem that comes with a project like residential roof replacement Glen Iris could be stressful for animals. We recommend you keep them with a friend while your new roof is installed.
Create ground rules for your children – Roofers use heavy duty equipment and there could be a lot of falling debris during the work. This could pose a high safety risk for kids. Therefore, it’s crucial to establish certain ground rules with your children.
Clearly mark off-limits areas – and encourage children to stay inside until the roofing installation is complete. As an alternative, you can leave your children with a friend or relative’s house while your roof is being replaced.
Let your neighbors know you’re replacing your roof – Recent studies show that at least 29% of neighbors complain about noise as the biggest problem with neighbors. This is the reason why we recommend informing your neighbor before your roofer begins hammering away.

Keeping your neighbors happy during your Roof Replacement Glen Iris project

  • It’s easy to forget about the neighbors when you have something as important as a roof replacement project going on. But trust us when we say it is important to keep your neighbors happy. A disgruntled neighbor has the power to put a brake in your big plans for a new roof.
  • To begin with share your timeline for your pitched roof replacement Glen Iris project – Remember to include important details like noisiest times during the project, the beginning and the ending of the project work. If required also share the contractor’s work schedule.
  • Progress update: Keep your neighbor updated about the progress of your project and any new developments that could impact their work schedule, routine or space.
  • Weekends are important: It would be a good idea to avoid the weekends for construction work. But if you cannot avoid it, please do apologize to your neighbors for any inconvenience that you may cause.

You may approach us to clear your doubts

If you are worried about costs, please don’t. Get a quote for Roof Replacement Glen Iris. We are reputed for our competitive roof replacement estimates. The average cost of roof replacement could vary depending on your budget, your choice of materials or the size of your home. We can also guide you with regards to roof replacement financing.
So, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding roof replacement, we will be happy to clear up all your doubts. If you want the best roof replacement then we are the Roof Replacement Company, you should choose.

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